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Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing  IVM  The 1st Made-in-Africa automobile brand. We are 

manufacturing durable and affordable brand new automobiles for Africans. Find your Style and Drive with Pride! 


…who are we?

The 1st Made-in-Africa automobile brand

Nigeria is among the biggest consumers of automobiles in the world without manufacturing its own cars. Africa has literally become a dumping ground for foreign used automobiles. We are not second class people that should only drive second hand vehicles. This is our mission, to change this just as we did for motorcycles in the past.

We are not just another made-in-Nigeria automobile brand; we are the 1st Made-in-Africa automobile brand. 8 years after launch and 10,000 automobiles sold, we are still committed to our purpose of eradicating “tokunbo” (foreign used) automobiles from Africa.

We deserve better, and it’s not up to the foreigners to change, it’s up to us. When we patronize made-in-Nigeria vehicles, all the money being wasted on importation of vehicles, would remain in the country. We will have more money in our hands to develop our country.

Be part of history in the making… this is OUR OWN, drive with pride!


– the principles that guides us

Cost – always reduce costs to increase sales.

Honesty – honesty is the best policy.

Innovation – to be ahead, always break new grounds.

People – any work that a person can do well should be given to a human being, not a machine.

The Innoson Advantage

Rugged Performance

Innoson motors are automobiles made for African roads. They are rugged by nature.

Fuel Economy 

The fuel consumed is nothing compared to The distance you cover while driving an Innoson automobile.

Low Chances of Overheating

Our vehicles are specially manufactured to reduce their chances of overheating despite the hot African weather.

Reinforced shock absorber

Our vehicles are specially engineered with reinforced shock absorbers to withstand the unending potholes prevalent on African roads.

3 years Warranty 

All Innoson motors come with a 3 years engine, axles and gear warranty.

Available Spare-parts

Our car parts are available nationwide through our network of sub-dealers.

Auto Finance

We’ve partnered with some Nigerian banks to ensure that you have access to car loans.

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