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Cussons Baby

Nothing compares to the joys of being a mother. Since the 1950s, Cussons Baby has been accompanying millions of mothers throughout their 

motherhood journey. We understand that baby personal and skin care needs evolve as they grow up and so does the senses of a mother. This is part of the reason Cussons Baby launched the Sensicare premium range in 2017. Cussons Baby Sensicare range with Dermo-Soft Complex™ is specifically formulated for very sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

Product information

Recommended by medical communities, pediatricians and dermatologists, our award winning products are made from an array of natural ingredients, organic and mild, dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and PH balanced.


Cussons Baby products are available across Asia and Africa.

Our Products Range

Cussons Baby Mild & Gentle Baby Wipes

Cussons Baby Mild & Gentle Hair and Body Wash

Cussons Baby Mild & Gentle Jelly

Cussons Baby Mild & Gentle Lotion

Cussons Baby Mild & Gentle Oil

Cussons Baby Mild & Gentle Soap

Cussons Baby Powder Mild & Gentle

Cussons Baby Soft & Smooth Baby Oil

Cussons Baby Soft & Smooth Baby Wipes

Cussons Baby Soft & Smooth Lotion

Cussons Baby Soft & Smooth Powder

Cussons Baby Soft & Smooth Soap

Mild & Gentle Gift Pack

Soft & Smooth Gift Pack

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