• 2Sure


    2Sure is a branded house that improves your health and wellbeing, giving you the confidence to 

  • 3X Energy

    3X Energy

    3X Energy Drink is a carbonated soft drink formulated to give the right amount of energy to 

  • 4th Street

    4th Street

    We Love What We Do. 4th Street wines are made from high quality grapes sourced from selected 

  • 5Alive


    Five Alive is a nourishing drink from fruit juice blends created by Minute Maid, and is a brand from the stable of The Coca-Cola Company.

  • 8pm Whisky

    8pm Whisky

    8pm Grain Blended Master’s Reserve

    An unprecedented signature combo of Grain whisky and scotch to acquire a really perfect stability 

  • A-Z Petroleum

    A-Z Petroleum

    Our global economy could not function without the oil and gas industry enabling it to extract and refine petroleum. The oil and gas sector is one of the core industries in the world. At A-Z Petroleum our commitment is to touch lives in countless ways every day.

  • Aboniki Balm

    Aboniki Balm

    Aboniki Balm. Imagine living without pains! Aboniki Balm is a product of J. C. Udeozor Global 

  • ABRO


    For three quarters of a century, ABRO has consistently stood for quality and value. At the heart of ABRO is our World Headquarters.Located in South Bend, Indiana, U.S.A. Quality Products sold in over 185 Countries and Territories. As we look to the future, we will never forget the foundation on which our success is built.

  • Action Bitters

    Action Bitters

    Action Bitters is a wine coloured full-bodied spirit with a slight bitter-sweet and appetizing aroma. 

  • Activa


    ACTIVA pure vegetable oil is a premium oil from the stable of SNF Foods Limited. ACTIVA pure 

  • Active Man

    Active Man

    Chris Adams Active Man is a quality brand crafted in superior way to match the tests of customers. 

  • After 8

    After 8

    After 8 is a product of Spirit The Goa. 


  • Agary


    Our product range include Hospital consumables, Drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients (Raw 

  • Aichun Beauty

    Aichun Beauty

    Aichun Beauty, Everything for your beauty and body care product needs. With Aichun Beauty are 

  • AJE Big

    AJE Big

    BIG is the soft drink brand that invites you to enjoy, share values and moments with those you 

  • Alberto VO5

    Alberto VO5

    Alberto VO5® began as a conditioning hairdressing created by a chemist and a hairdresser, 

  • All Seasons Whisky

    All Seasons Whisky

    All Seasons Premium Whisky A smooth taste for all occasions for the #ManOfAllSeasons. Better 

  • Allesverloren Wine

    Allesverloren Wine

    Allesverloren offers a range of wines. These include varieties such as Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, 

  • Amstel Malta

    Amstel Malta

    Amstel Malta is the premium, low sugar formulated malt drink with international heritage. Amstel Malta is for the youthful person who lives an active lifestyle and needs to replenish lost energy so that he can look and feel his best.

  • Andre


    Since 1966, André has been an ultimate everyday luxury that doesn't break your bank. Originally 

  • Ariel


    Today, Ariel leads the way in laundry detergent innovation. Thanks to spending nearly 50 years discovering what the world’s households need, Ariel has developed its laundry room staples over the past few decades. But why choose Ariel? First, because we give you outstanding stain removal in one wash. What’s more, our all-encompassing detergent line provides your whites and colours with a brilliant clean even in a cool wash, whether you’re washing with gel, washing powder, liquid detergent or PODS. Innovation has always been our focus, with the aim to make your life fuller and easier, and your clothes more sparkling than ever.

  • Aronee Wine

    Aronee Wine

    Utec Green Limited is the sole distributors of Aronee in West Africa and Angola. Aronee Brand a.

  • Aspira Family Care

    Aspira Family Care

    Family care is a natural rich bar soap that offers long-lasting germ protection for every family. It is made from the finest natural base soap ingredients 

  • Astonish Cleaners

    Astonish Cleaners

    Astonish Cleaners The Pinnacle of Cleaning! Add little magic to your home. Now we’re not saying 

  • ATE


    ATE – a global brand, Simply unstoppable. The driving force in the brakes market. Why does ATE 

  • Avanti  Pens

    Avanti Pens

    Avanti ®  Pens are the No. 1 choice of the consumers

    in Nigeria and West Africa as well, selling over 1 million pens every day! AVANTI became Nigeria’s most loved writing instruments and became the market leader from Yr-17.

  • Ayrtons


    TRUSTED PRODUCTS :With an emphasis on effective and economic patient care, Ayrtons has a portfolio of trusted treatments.

  • B.B. Clear

    B.B. Clear

    B.B. Clear a brand of RODIS and a quality product that keep your body beautiful and healthy. B.B. 

  • Baby And Me

    Baby And Me

    Baby And Me is a brand of Imperio International Limited with varieties of products

  • Baby Love

    Baby Love

    Baby Love is a popular brand of Prestige Cosmetics Limited. It give a nourishing care to baby skin.

  • Babymed


    Parents need dependable care products for the unforgettable first days of a baby’s life. 

  • Baileys


    The world’s first cream liqueur created in 1974, now the world’s most-loved spirit. Delicious is 

  • Ballamour Bitters

    Ballamour Bitters

    Nigeria's foremost true Bitters, made from 100% pure Ballamour Herbal Extracts. Ballamour 

  • Ballantine's


    Ballantine’s is the number one Scotch whisky in Europe. The brand’s extensive range of blended 

  • Bama


    Bama Mayonnaise satisfies the most demanding African palates with it's exquisite taste accompanying some of the most traditional local

  • Bannermans Scotch Whisky

    Bannermans Scotch Whisky

    Bannermans is a very old Scottish name; The ‘banner man’ was the king’s standard bearer and 

  • Barón De Valls

    Barón De Valls

    Barón de Valls is a range of wines and sparkling wines made with a selection of the best grapes 

  • BEST Spirit Brand

    BEST Spirit Brand

    Best Is Not Just Our Name. You can taste the quality in the full range of BEST products. At BEST 

  • Betamalt


    Betamalt is a high quality, rich and tasty malt drink made from premium barley, hops and sucrose. It is fortified with essential vitamins and

  • BIGI


    Share in the story BIGI is creating all over Nigeria! Get to know more about BIGI beverages and never miss out on any of our promotions!

  • Binatone


    Binatone brands provides electronic communication equipment and offers a wide range of 

  • Bloo


    Cleanliness and freshness Bloo provides your toilet with long-lasting hygiene protection every 

  • Blue Band

    Blue Band

    For over 60 years, Blue Band has helped parents grow healthy and happy kids. With our specially formulated great tasting product, Blue

  • Blue Boat FreshYo

    Blue Boat FreshYo

    FreshYo is a delicious blend of yoghurt and fruits bursting with vitamins and minerals, making it the perfect way to boost your day. It is 

  • Bobo


    Bobo is one of the leading brands of fruit milk products in Nigeria. High quality ingredients to 

  • Bold


    Bold is a brand of The La Casera Company. Bold have varieties of products with each flavour giving a unique taste that add colour to every area of life, from the sweet, to the varied, the bittersweet and the spicy. 

  • Boom Drinks

    Boom Drinks

    Acreage Integrated Food Company produces the Boom range of fruit flavoured drinks which are 

  • BUA Pasta

    BUA Pasta


    BUA Pasta is a quality product made from Wheat and contains Vitamins and Micronutrients.

    It’s a quality product that is non-sticky, right strand size, goes perfectly well as plain with any type of sauce as well as jollof.

    It comes at an attractive price too.

    The product is well loved by its consumers and can be consumed at any time of the day

    It comes in Spaghetti and Macaroni of different shapes(Twist Cavatto Macaroni and Elbow Macaroni)

  • Bull Dry Gin

    Bull Dry Gin

    Bull Dry Gin is a London Dry Gin a brand of  Intercontinental Distillers Limited. It strong alcoholic beverage with a 43% alcohol. I comes in various sizes 

  • Bullet Drinks

    Bullet Drinks

    Bullet Drinks. Premium energy on target when you need it the most! Available in a range of 



    Calypso Coconut Liqueur is a special tropical coconut flavored drink, exquisitely blended for fun lovers with good taste.

  • Campari


    Campari is a contemporary and charismatic timeless classic. Its vibrant red color and unique 

  • Captain Morgan

    Captain Morgan

    Captain Morgan is a premuim spirit brand made with the finest Caribbean rums. Launched in 1982, 

  • Carlos I Brandy

    Carlos I Brandy

    Charles I - a brandy with spirit and soul. Extensive in history and tradition, powerful in 

  • Caro Fresh

    Caro Fresh

    Caro Fresh is a brand manufactured by Siperco Nigeria LTD. Caro Fresh is a popular brand in 

  • CaroWhite


    A true ally of beauty, carrot oil combines with vitamin E in this range clarifying treatments to reveal a perfectly even complexion.

    Carowhite combines vitamin E known for its action on the suppleness and softness of the epidermis, with carrot oil whose high concentration of beta-carotene acts durably and deeply. 

    This formula unifies the complexion by targeting and effectively reducing pigmentation spots. 

  • Carrot Glow

    Carrot Glow

    Carrot Glow is one of Labelleglow's skin care products that have revolutionized natural whitening 

  • Casoni


    Since 1814, We Are Casoni. Casoni, one of the oldest Italian brands, has handed down its know-ry.

  • Chamdor


    100% enjoyment. 0% alcohol. Chamdor Sparkling Grape is available in white grape, red grape, 

  • Chelsea Dry Gin

    Chelsea Dry Gin

    Chelsea London Dry Gin is produced from the finest quality ingredients according to the traditional recipe. The clean, fresh taste of Chelsea London Dry Gin makes it delicious as an aperitif or in a cocktail. Chelsea has a premium, superior tasting brand playing in the top end segment of the Nigerian Gin market.

  • Chi Exotic

    Chi Exotic



    Great taste and the pleasure of paradise, that’s what you get from each sip of Chi Exotic Nectar.

    It’s a perfect blend of carefully selected exotic fruits.

    From their unique exhilarating taste, pineapple, coconut, guava, peach, orange, grape, apple and mango can arguably be said to be the most exotic fruits. Interestingly, these are also ingredients in Chi Exotic Nectar.

    Indulge in the great taste of Chi Exotic Nectar.

  • Chivita


    The Chivita Brand, Our brands make every day a juicy delight. Check out our exciting range of 

  • Cien


    Our Cien range has got your bathroom and beauty routine covered, with everything from hand wash and bath soak to deodorant and shaving cream.

    Whether you prefer fresh and zesty or floral and creamy, our Cien shampoos, conditioners and shower gels offer a fragrance to suit everyone.

  • Cif


    New Cif Anti-Bac & Shine Spray, ecorefill and Wipes - proven to kill 99.99% of Bacteria & Viruses, including Coronavirus*. Protect your home, family and planet.

  • Clear Essence

    Clear Essence

    Clear Essence® is a trusted name in skincare with a legacy of products that cleanse and hydrate 

  • Climax Energy Drink

    Climax Energy Drink

    Climax Energy Drink, push beyond your limit. Specially formulated with herb extracts (Schizandra, 

  • Close Up

    Close Up

    Closeup Toothpaste for fresh breath and white teeth.

    Confidence counts for a lot. A hell of a lot. It’s like 98.67%* crucial when you’re out to get what you want. Whether that be landing your dream job, getting the girl, getting the boy, or even becoming a crime fighting super hero. So go ahead and use your smile as a weapon.

    *Unscientifically calculated and verified by absolutely no one.

  • Coca‑Cola


    Whether you’re enjoying the refreshing taste of Coca‑Cola Original Taste or Zero Sugar, drinking Coca‑Cola is a simple pleasure that makes everyday moments more special.

  • Coffee-Mate


    Coffee-Mate is a coffee whitener lactose-free creamer manufactured by Nestlé, available in powdered, liquid and concentrated liquid forms.

  • Colgate


    Colgate toothpastes, toothbrushes, and oral care products have been caring for smiles generation after generation. Our Oral Care Products

  • Costa Sea Salt

    Costa Sea Salt

    Fine sea salt derived from the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Costa Fine Sea salt has been obtained by the simple and natural

  • Courvoisier


    Courvoisier is a brand of cognac, with production based in the town of Jarnac in the Charente 

  • Cussons Baby

    Cussons Baby

    Nothing compares to the joys of being a mother. Since the 1950s, Cussons Baby has been accompanying millions of mothers throughout their 

  • CWAY Darjeeling

    CWAY Darjeeling

    Darjeeling Ice Tea is a refreshing drink made from Darjeeling teas, which are famous for their 

  • CWAY Maca Plus

    CWAY Maca Plus

    Maca Plus Energy Drink More Power, More Energy. Maca Plus Energy Drink enables you to Unleash 

  • CWAY Water

    CWAY Water

    CWAY Water is the flagship of the CWAY group operations in Nigeria and leads the industry since inception in year 2000. Our core interest is in providing 

  • Cybele Passion

    Cybele Passion

    Passion is a popular brand in the Nigerian market for daily use. It is a brand of Cybele Cosmetics.  Passion has a very unique cosmetics products that 

  • D'Angelus Wine

    D'Angelus Wine

    D'Angelus Sparkling Wine is a sparkling Rose wine in a 750ml bottle. A product of the European 

  • Dabur


    Dabur is a brand of product manufactured by Dabur India Ltd an India company exported to different parts of the world.

  • Dangote Cement

    Dangote Cement

    Manufacturing/ Importation, Packaging And Distribution

    Dangote Cement is the most popular cement in Nigeria and sold in 14 other African countries; Dangote Cement's production capacity in Nigeria from its three existing cement plants namely Obajana , Ibese  and Gboko  is 29.3MMTPA and 45.6 MMTPA across Africa  as at 2019.

    Dangote Cement Customer Registration/Application Form

    Pay & Collect [*New*]

  • Dangote Salt

    Dangote Salt

    Table Salt

    Our flagship product is the Dangote table salt (Dangote Salt): this is a finely refined product for home/domestic use. In line with ICCID, Dangote refined salt is Iodized (using iodide) to promote good health by reducing the chances/risks of iodine deficiency. Dangote salt is refined from the finest quality sea-salts.


    250g, 500g, and 1KG

  • Dano Milk

    Dano Milk

    Dano Milk® is owned and produced by Arla Foods, a farmer-owned company based in Denmark. Over the years, the Dano brand has evolved tremendously and today, it remains locally relevant and benefits from its international footprints across an array of markets in the Middle East, Africa, Bangladesh and parts of Latin America. Dano was launched in the early 1980’s and remains one of the fastest growing milk brands in Nigeria

  • De Nosh

    De Nosh

    De Nosh is a brand of fufu cassava flour . With De Nosh cassava flour, no more pounding fufu. It's 

  • Deep Freeze

    Deep Freeze

    Deep Freeze – scientifically proven cooling, is the UK’s No.1 selling Freeze brand. The products are suitable for backs, neck & shoulder and

  • Delaire Graff Botmaskop

    Delaire Graff Botmaskop

    The Story Of A Bordeaux Blend. The story of the Botmaskop, is a story of legacy passed down 

  • Delta Soap

    Delta Soap

    Stay Fresh at EVERY moment with the NEW and IMPROVED Delta Soap. A brand of Orange Drugs 

  • Dentalux


    Stock up on bathroom essentials with Dentalux, an easy way to a gleaming white smile. Whatever 

  • Dettol


    Inside the Dettol brand and our passion for protecting health.

    Launched over 80 years ago, Dettol has been a leader in germ protection helping to safeguard the health of families around the world through better hygiene.  Find out about our passion for health and how we work with partners and medical associations around the world to promote good hygiene.

  • Devon King’s

    Devon King’s

    Devon King’s cooking oil is a quality cooking oil that has been imported into Nigeria for over half a century and has over the years been a

  • Dogan's Sugar

    Dogan's Sugar

    Dogan's Sugar is produced in Nigeria by Dogan's Sugar Limited. It is well refined sugar for home use. It enriches your meal with great

  • Don Simon

    Don Simon

    The Don Simón brand was born as a result of a radical innovation and a challenge to tradition: the launch of the first wine packaged in



    Global shaving innovation since 1955. Since 1955, DORCO has been helping shavers Get Closer. 

  • Dr Aladdin

    Dr Aladdin

    Dr Aladdin’s products have been specifically formulated to help cure, prevent and maintain the 

  • Dubic Malt

    Dubic Malt

    Rich creamy refreshment Silky smooth taste. Premium malt taste at an accessible price. Offer a special malt that will delight consumers.





  • Ducros


    Ducros is a leader when it comes to enhancing food flavor in France. Our expertise comes in the 

  • Dudu Milk

    Dudu Milk

    Dudu Milk is a brand of whole milk, mixed fruit milk drink, pineapple, mango and orange milk 

  • Dudu-Osun


    The name, Dudu-Osun is derived from elements contained in black soap.

    Dudu is the Yoruba word for black, while osun is camwood, “baphia nitida”, a tropical hardwood rich in saponins, polyphenols terpenes and more.

    The brand was established in the mid 1990s and has grown to become a market leader.

  • Elliot Rum

    Elliot Rum

    Spanish Rum and Brandy have been produced since the XVIth Century, becoming renowned 

  • Embraer


    Embraer EMB is a brand of Embraer S.A. is a Brazilian aerospace conglomerate that produces aircraft and provides aeronautical services comprising of 

  • Euroma Spices and Herbs

    Euroma Spices and Herbs

    Euroma Spices and Herbs is a brand of Tiger Foods Limited that  produces and markets a wide range of healthy spices, food seasoning,

  • Eva Soap

    Eva Soap

    Eva Complexion Care Soap is specially formulated to beautify, soften and moisturize all skin types with ten variants.

  • EVA Water

    EVA Water

    Eva bottled water has been designed to be a perfect complement to everyday moments. It's grounded in providing pure, clean water in a sustainable way, that enlivens the body and mind.

  • Eva Wine

    Eva Wine

    Laugh often. Love much. Live well. Your favourite for non-alchoholic toasting. A FLAVOUR for every 

  • Evans Baroque

    Evans Baroque

    Evans Baroque EB Pharmaceutical brand that promotes the availability of quality, cost-sensitive 

  • FairGlow


    FairGlow is the No1 Soap of choice which is a 2in1 formula that helps you reveal your natural youthful skin. Enriched with Milk and available in Apricot, 

  • FanIce


    FanIce is Nigeria’s number one delicious, smooth and creamy ice cream brand made with fine ingredients for a unique creamy satisfying taste  and has

  • Farha Soap

    Farha Soap

    Farha is a brand by Daraju Industries Nigeria Ltd producers of the popular brand MYMY. Farha has a unique moisturizing formula base that smoothens the skin.Use Farha Beauty Soaps regularly for fresher,  smoother and softer skin.

  • Farm Pride

    Farm Pride

    Farm Pride is a Nigerian fresh Fruit and Yoghurt beverage brand owned by Niyya Farm Group Limited (NFGL), a Nigerian Fruit and Yoghurt agro-

  • FarmFresh


    Farmfresh Youghurt and Milk, a leading fresh dairy products brand by Integrated Dairies Limited (IDL) has Pasteurised full cream and low fat milk, stirred and drinking yoghurt in various flavours.

    Farm fresh products are of world-class standards and distributed to major supermarkets, restaurants and hotels in all major cities of Nigeria.

  • Fearless Energy Drink

    Fearless Energy Drink

    Fearless Energy Drinks are non-alcoholic energy boosting beverages that provides you limitless benefits at work, at training or sport, at play, at study, while in traffic, during the day and when it’s time to get loosen up at night!

    Enjoy ultimate satisfaction when you refresh your body from our range of great tasting products.

    Fearless Energy Drink – Red Berry 500ml

    Fearless Energy Drink – Classic 500ml

  • Feminelle


    Strengthen your natural defense against irritation and discomfort with our mild soap-free formulas c

  • Fisher's 88

    Fisher's 88

    Like all great things, we started small. We took a few like-minds with a shared vision—and ran with 

  • Force ®
  • Four Cousins

    Four Cousins

    At Four Cousins we celebrate life by raising a glass to all its special moments – from big, 

  • Francoise Bedon

    Francoise Bedon

    Francoise Bedon  is a brand of luxury cosmetic products intended primarily for a black and 

  • Freixenet Cava

    Freixenet Cava

    At Freixenet, vine-growing is the first stone of the path to producing excellent cava. The vineyard 

  • Fressia


    Fressia Nigeria, a brand of Daraju. We live to build a fresher world with our amazing range of care 

  • Fruiser


    Fruiser offers a complete range of toiletries products. To provide it's consumers with premium 

  • Frutta


    Passionate for the taste of delicious fruits? Blended using the finest fruit concentrates and filled in gable top packaging using hot fill process, Frutta Juice

  • Frutta Maccaw

    Frutta Maccaw

    Maccaw Fruit drink offers you a luscious blend of finest fruits with an appetizing touch and bliss and delight. Filled in Elopak gable top 1L in 6 different 

  • Gala Sausage Roll

    Gala Sausage Roll

    Gala Sausage Roll Is Highly Nutritious, Delicious And Satisfying. A snack made from pure beef 

  • Giacobazzi


    Since 1958, Giacobazzi Vini has written the history of Lambrusco and the great Italian sparkling 

  • Gillette


    Committed to quality and nonstop innovation, it’s what Gillette still stands for today. And you’ll 

  • Gino


    Gino is a consolidated brand African countries such as Nigeria and Ghana thanks to the broad range of high quality products that makes

  • Gionee


    Gionee brand is a phone brand manufactured in China and have expanded into other markets, 

  • Glen Marnoch

    Glen Marnoch

    Glen Marnoch Islay Single Malt Whisky. Look for Glen Marnoch on a map and you will search in 

  • Glenfiddich


    For 20 Years William Grant Nurtured A Dream To Make The ‘best Dram In The Valley’. With The 

  • Goldberg


    Goldberg is the high quality lager beer brewed to golden standard by NB Plc., made from only the finest ingredients; with its elegant and attractive looking label, rich foam head, distinctive flavour and mature taste that leaves no one in doubt as to its exceptional quality and high quality lager beer.

  • Golden Flavoured Instant Drink

    Golden Flavoured Instant Drink

    GOLDEN GROUP OF COMPANIE maker of the brand Golden Flavoured Instant Drink. A brand that 

  • Golden Penny

    Golden Penny

    Golden Penny is one of the largest food brands in Nigeria, offering great tasting and nutritious products at affordable prices. Our products

  • Golden Penny Pasta

    Golden Penny Pasta

    Pasta & Noodles

    Operators of the first pasta plant in Nigeria we have remained the number one choice for superior quality pasta products and services in the region. Keen on identifying and satisfying emerging consumer needs, we parade a wide range of nutritious and aesthetic variety for all.

  • Golden Penny Semovita

    Golden Penny Semovita

    Golden Penny Semovita: Launched almost two decades ago, it is the leading brand in the Semolina category in the country (with over 60% market share), widely accepted in both the Southern & Northern parts of the country, it is distributed through a network of dealers and retailers nationally. 

  • Golden Penny Sugar

    Golden Penny Sugar

    Golden Penny Sugar is one of the leading brand of sugar in various local & international market 

  • Goya


    Through impeccable marketing strategies, tactics and insightful research, Goya has positioned its diverse product lines as a reputable brand among both 

  • Green Giant

    Green Giant

    Hundreds of veggies from our fields to your table. With over 100 veggies to choose from, Green 

  • Guinness


    As deep as Guinness Original’s colour is its taste. Crisp barley cuts through hops. A bite draws you in, bold flavours linger. Bitter marries sweet. A rich, 

  • Gulder


    CRAFTED WITH PASSION, Gulder The Ultimate Beer. Gulder is brewed with 100% premium barley 

  • Happy Hour by Chivita

    Happy Hour by Chivita

    Burst Of Refreshment

    The Fruity Burst Of Natural Refreshment

    Get refreshed. Give your mood a boost with our ever nourishing and refreshing fruit drink, Happy Hour by Chivita. Rated the fastest growing brand in the juice category, Happy Hour by Chivita will certainly give you that burst of refreshment you need everyday. 

  • Hawaii Soap

    Hawaii Soap

    Hawaii Bar Soap a product of Evans Industries Nigeria Limited is a herbal soap with skin nourishing 

  • Heineken


    Heineken Premium Lager Beer. The Heineken green bottle, red star and the smiling “e” represent 

  • Hellmann’s


    At Hellmann’s, we believe food is too good to be wasted. Our purpose is to help people enjoy good, honest food for the simple pleasure it is, without 

  • Hero


    The label of our flagship Nigerian beer features a rising sun, intended to inspire people with the promise that anyone can "be a hero" and triumph over adversity.

  • Hi-Malt


    Enriched with vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and C, Hi-Malt is a high quality malt drink, for those who seek energy and stimulation of body & spirit at the right price.

  • Hikvision


    Hikvision provides a broad range of physical security products, covering video security, access 

  • Hollandia Evap Milk

    Hollandia Evap Milk

    Hollandia Evaporated Milk, Start your day right with Hollandia evap milk, Tasty, Creamy, 

  • Hollandia Yoghurt

    Hollandia Yoghurt

    HOLLANDIA YOGHURT is a tasty nourishing yoghurt drink that combines the goodness of yoghurt with the freshness and vitamins of fruit. It is refreshing, invigorating and has a great smooth taste sure to guarantee your inner and outer wellbeing with every sip. Excite your taste buds with the 6 nutritious variants of Hollandia Yoghurt all in handy packs. Not convinced? Know the 7 Healthy youghurt facts which will motivate you to include yoghurt in your daily regimen.

  • HP


    HP is a brand of Hewlett-Packard Company and have expanded from PC to other electronics gadget used  in a day to day to make our day

  • Huggies


    The name Huggies® is synonymous with comfy diapers. But there’s more to us than diapers 

  • Hypo Bleach

    Hypo Bleach

    Hypo Bleach aims to significantly impact the availability of hygiene and sanitation solutions for Nigeria. The company manufactures its main product – Sodium Hypochlorite bleach for consumers under the brand name of HYPO at a highly affordable price.

  • Ibeto


    Quality Products, Prompt Services...inspired to improve your lives. We are proud of our rich 

  • igle


    Renowned brands of correction fluid products and writing instrument-Liquid Ink Pen such as igle, is 

  • Imperial Blue

    Imperial Blue

    One of the world’s best-selling whiskies, Imperial Blue is a superior blend of Indian grain spirits and imported Scotch malts. Launched in India in 1997, 

  • Imperio Nurture

    Imperio Nurture

    IMPERIO NURTURe for your skin nuture. Show more love for your skin, gentle and rich in moisture.

  • Indomie


    Indomie is a unique brand of Instant Noodles, loved by a majority of Nigerians. It has grown to become a household name in Nigeria owing to its delightful taste and wholesomeness.

    Transcending across all age groups, the brand has managed to win over the hearts and taste palates of both the young and the old.

    Being in Nigeria for the last 31years, Indomie has made a remarkable impact on the country’s culinary landscape.

  • Irish Spring

    Irish Spring

    Welcome to Irish Spring - the fresh and clean scent destination for those looking to smell from a 

  • Jack Daniel’s

    Jack Daniel’s

    Born to make whiskey, The story of Jack Daniel’s.  Crafting something that endures for over 150 

  • Jago Mayonnaise

    Jago Mayonnaise

    Jago Mayonnaise is made from the finest ingredients of fresh raw eggs, vinegar, onion oil,vinegar, 

  • Jameson


    Jameson Different Tastes for different tastes. Jameson is the best-selling Irish whiskey in the 

  • Jaz


    Jaz is a brand of Golden Soap Industries Limited that is marketed across the country. It is a product meant to satisfy the customers' need. Made 

  • Jazzy Wine

    Jazzy Wine

    Jazzy is a Non Alcoholic Sparkling Drink. Available in Red Grape, White Grape & Strawberry 

  • Jik


    Jik is manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser. Varieties of products are manufactured under the brand name Jik. 

    Jik's formulation contains extra whitening power and it is safe for use on most colorfast washable fabrics including cotton, nylon and polyesters.


  • Johnnie Walker

    Johnnie Walker

    Johnnie Walker is a brand of Scotch whisky now owned by Diageo that originated in the Scottish 

  • Johnson's Baby

    Johnson's Baby

    JOHNSON'S Baby Skin & Hair Product Range . Whether it’s during the bubble baths or the bedtime snuggles, we’re proud that our baby

  • Joy Soap

    Joy Soap

    With over four decades of enhancing the lives of consumers and a strong heritage in Nigeria, 

  • Julie


    A confident day begins with a Julie skin. Start your day right. Julie is produced by SASO industries including other popular brands.

  • Katun


    Katun is one of the world's leading providers of quality imaging products for copiers, printers & 

  • Kellogg's


    The Kelloggs High Fibre Range. Fibre is vital for a healthy diet and lifestyle, but many people 

  • Kerrygold


    The Kerrygold brand was created by Sir Anthony O’Reilly in 1962, CEO of, what was then called, An

  • Kirkland Signature

    Kirkland Signature

    Kirkland Signature means quality and value. Chances are, if you love Costco, then you love 

  • Kiwi


    Kiwi is a shoe polish brand, now owned by S. C. Johnson. Originally made by an Australian 

  • Knorr


    High quality is our philosophy - One that’s been years in the making. When it comes to food, high quality is our philosophy, and it's One

  • Knorr


    High quality is our philosophy - One that’s been years in the making. When it comes to food, high quality is our philosophy, and it's One

  • La Boie Gin

    La Boie Gin

    La Boie Gin is one of the best selling brands of CRS Brands Brazil. It is a drink made with selected b

  • La Casera

    La Casera

    La Casera is the pioneer apple drink in Nigeria.  With up to 5% real apple juice, it has an original taste, and a unique, fresh apple bite.

    Bursting with amazing apple flavour, La Casera Apple is loved by Nigerians hence the tagline “I Love this Drink”.

     It is now available in 35cl, 50cl, and 60cl.

  • Laziz


    Laziz  not too long in the market have penetrated the Nigeria market with varieties of goods mostly food products and have put smile on the face of 

  • Lb All Purpose Liquid Wash

    Lb All Purpose Liquid Wash

    For all Handwashables.

    Sizes: 4Litres, 1Litre and Industrial Pack.

  • Legend Extra Stout

    Legend Extra Stout

    Legend Extra Stout is a unique bitter tasting premium stout, full brewed from the finest natural ingredients to the best of international quality standard.

  • Lenor


    In our world, fabric is always its softest, freshest, and most protected Since Lenor appeared on the 

  • Limca


    This thirst-quenching beverage features a fresh, light lemon-lime taste and fun-loving attitude. It's a home-grown, national treasure in India, where it was acquired by The Coca‑Cola Company in 1993. Limca continues to build a loyal following among young adults who love the light-hearted way it complements the best moments of their lives. 

  • Lipton


    We’ve learned a lot about tea over the past century – and Lipton now offers an array of tea-based drinks, from leaf tea to tea bags, Lipton Ice Tea soft drinks, zero calorie infusions and healthy green tea.

  • Listerine


    Listerine is an American brand of antiseptic mouthwash product. It is promoted with the slogan "Kills germs that cause bad breath". Named after Joseph Lister, who pioneered antiseptic surgery at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary in Scotland, Listerine was developed in 1879 by Joseph Lawrence, a chemist in St. Louis, Missouri.

    Be Afraid, Germs. It’s LISTERINE® Antiseptic Mouthwash. Our Original Formula Has Been Striking Fear Into Germs For Over A Hundred Years, Helping To Reduce Plaque And Prevent Gingivitis. 

  • Lord's Gin

    Lord's Gin

    Lord's Dry Gin is made of exceptional international quality, class and distinction for refine Gin lovers.

    Whether taken straight on the rocks, or as cocktail mix, it is guaranteed to give that classy feeling. Lord's Dry Gin is produced from the choicest high grade grain alcohol, fortified with natural flavours that give it distinct pleasant taste and aroma.

  • Louis Roederer

    Louis Roederer

    Louis Roederer celebrates the magic of festive occasions and the delights of champagne. 

  • Lucozade


    Lucozade is a long-seller born in UK over 80 years ago. Energy drinks and sport drinks of the Lucozade brand sell in more than 15 countries. Beloved in 

  • Lux



    Pamper your skin with our lush body washes and bars. Perfect for all skin types.


    We’ve been working with the world’s best perfumers to create fine fragrance skin treats for you to enjoy. Transform your daily shower into an indulgent one that will make you feel special every day


    LUX® believes in safeguarding the future of the perfume industry. We have partnered with the International Perfume Museum in Grasse, by sponsoring a beautiful jasmine garden in its magnificent gardens.

  • MacCoffee


    The beginning of the 90s is an era of global changes all over the world. It was then, inspired by the 



    An History of everyday home cooking

    Founded in 1872, a Swiss entrepreneur called Julius Maggi had a vision: to make good-tasting and nutritious food accessible to time-poor, working families. Julius Maggi Julius Maggi came with the solution of a protein based vegetable dish, which was quick, easy and inexpensive to prepare. In 1886, Maggi became recognized as a pioneer of industrial food production and healthy cooking by introducing dehydrated soups that were ready to cook.

  • Mai kwabo

    Mai kwabo

    Say goodbye to cholesterol and say hello to energy-rich nutrition. Say hello to protein and vitamins. Say goodbye to sticky, soggy pasta and say hello to deliciousness. Mai Kwabo Pasta should be your go-to when you need an energy boost for the day ahead or energy refuel after a productive day.

  • Malta Guinness

    Malta Guinness


    Non alcoholic, adult, premium soft drink. Full of vitalizing goodness, with added vitamins, minerals and slow burning sugars for longer lasting energy that fuels your greatness.

  • Maltina


    Maltina is the smooth, nourishing malt drink with complete richness. Launched as a food supplement, Maltina is fortified with Vitamins and Calcium for healthy families. Maltina remains the category leader with its innovations and message of sharing happiness.

  • Mama Lemon Soap

    Mama Lemon Soap

    Mama Lemon Dishwashing Liquid is widely known as the premium brand in its class of liquid 

  • Mamador


    Mamador is 100% pure, uniquely filtered and healthy, manufactured by PZ Wilmar. Web: 

  • Martell


    Martell is the number one international prestige cognac. Martell is a cognac house founded in 1715 

  • Maschio


    Over 40 Years Of Experience Have Made Maschio One Of Italy’s Most Prestigious
  • Mentos


    Refreshing people all over the world for over 80 years. Mentos is an exceptionally fresh chewy mint 

  • Minimie Noodles

    Minimie Noodles

    Minimie Instant Noodles is high quality and respectable brand of Instand Noodles from the Dufil powerhouse of brands. It is the No.2 brand of Instant noodles after Indomie and brings fun to lives of nearly 36 million consumers who enjoy our product daily. It is a youthful brand that encourages youth to Taste the Fun.

  • Mobil


    Mobil is a petroleum brand owned and operated by American oil and gas corporation ExxonMobil. 

  • Moko


    MOKO is a  brand of high quality pharmaceutical products owned by New HealthWay Company Limited. Moko products are targeted to become one of the most popular pharmaceutical brands in the country and beyond.

  • Monster Energy

    Monster Energy

    Monster Energy. Most companies spend their money on ad agencies, TV commercials, radio spots, 

  • Montagner


    Montagner is an Italian brand that is into varieties of drinks. The brands line of drinks includes 

  • Morning Fresh

    Morning Fresh

    Morning Fresh has been cleaning the dishes of Nigerian families since the early 1990’s. Morning Fresh’s superior grease cutting power gives you guaranteed performance time and time again. Our super concentrated liquid uses only the smallest amount to make washing up a breeze so you can get on with doing the things you enjoy most in life. In every home you find Morning Fresh, there is a proud woman.

  • Mr Chef Salt

    Mr Chef Salt

    Mr Chef Salt is Nigerias’ number 1 salt, Iodized and processed to ensure it provides that exquisite flavor to all cooking, along with the

  • Mr. Dowell's

    Mr. Dowell's

    Mr. Dowell's is Shared and enjoyed across 20 countries around the world. Legend has it than in late 19th Century, Mr. Dowell set sail on a voyage from 

  • Munro


    Munro and that we represent are without exception, market leaders, and bench-marked for value.

  • MYMY


    MYMY is a popular brand of Daraju Industries Nigeria Limited, that have penetrate the market with varieties of products. Some of the brand's products are 

  • M·A·C (Make-up Art Cosmetics)

    M·A·C (Make-up Art Cosmetics)

    M·A·C (Make-up Art Cosmetics) is the world’s leading professional makeup authority because of our unrivalled expertise in makeup ARTISTRY. All Ages, 

  • Naseem Perfumes

    Naseem Perfumes

    Naseem is considered one of the Leading brand of perfumery products specifically for Alcohol-Free 

  • Nescafé


    The world's favorite coffee. Whatever the moment, there's a Nescafé. There's a Nescafé to suit everyone, and every time of day. Find your

  • Nestlé® Pure Life®

    Nestlé® Pure Life®

    Every drop in every bottle of our purified water goes through a rigorous 13-step quality process. That’s how we can make sure it meets our high 

  • Nivea


    Nivea is a German personal care brand that specializes in skin and body-care. It is owned by the Hamburg-based company Beiersdorf

  • No Fear Insecticide

    No Fear Insecticide


    No Fear Insecticide

  • Nokia


    At Nokia, we create technology that helps the world act together. The world is facing fundamental 

  • Nutri Choco

    Nutri Choco

    Nutri Choco is a rich and delicious Chocolate Milk Drink. You will fall in love with its chocolaty taste 

  • Nutri-Milk


    Nutri-Milk is a premium brand with a natural taste .The content formulation of Nutri-Milk is a perfect

    blend of nutritious milk, rich fruit content, essential vitamins, minerals and energizers that keeps the

    body cells healthy.   This product has a unique PE and PET bottle shape that allows for a easy bottle

    grip by consumers.

    It has a net content of 520 ml with four variants:

  • Nutri-Yo


    Nutri-Yo is an excellent Sweetened Yoghurt, processed by natural fermentation.

  • Nutribom


    If it's from the heart , it's Nutribom! The products from the Nutribom children's and youth line are 

  • Nutrilac


    Deliciously nutritious: a complement practical tasty food. Nutrilac is the hallmark of traditional 

  • Omega Aromatic Schnapps

    Omega Aromatic Schnapps

    Omega Aromatic Schnapps is a conclusion of the concerted efforts of the Research and Development department of Eastern Distilleries

  • OMO


    OMO Dirt Is Good! Tough on stains, kinder to our planet Unilever's largest detergent brand, 

  • OracarePlus


    Oracare is a brand new toothpaste manufactured by Aspira. Formulated for 12 hour protection and

  • Oral-B


    Oral-B is a brand of oral hygiene products, including toothpastes, toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, and mouthwashes. The brand has been in business since the invention of the Hutson toothbrush in 1950. It has been owned by American multinational Procter & Gamble since 2006

  • Orijin


    Orijin is a Nigerian alcoholic beverage produced by Diaego/Guinness Nigeria PLC. Unlike beer, the Orijin does not contain barley or hops, rather 

  • PALC


    PALC cream 100% natural. Our brands for the house and the car are gaining place, day by day, in 

  • Palmers


    Palmer's crafts products that are trusted and passed down from generation to generation. Palmer’s 

  • Peak Milk

    Peak Milk

    Having been in Nigeria for over 60 years, Peak is synonymous to Milk and is


  • Peak yoghurt

    Peak yoghurt

    Peak yoghurt is a creamy mix of yoghurt and delicious exciting goodness of fruits that fills you up nutritiously and keeps you coming back for more of 

  • Pei Mei
  • Peñasol


    From the heart of Castilla – La Mancha comes our wide variety of wines, sangrias and grape 

  • Pop


    Pop (Product Of People) Carbonated drinks, energy drinks, and bottled water are all manufactured by Mamuda Beverage Nigeria Limited.

  • Power 24 Hour Bleach

    Power 24 Hour Bleach

    Power 24 Hour Bleach is a popular product in keeping clean despite stain toughness. It does 

  • Power Oil

    Power Oil

    Power Oil- the quest to keep you healthy

    Before Power Oil entered the Nigerian market, the level of consciousness on the unhygienic nature of unbranded vegetable cooking oil was significantly low, less focus was placed on the ill health effect of its consumption. People would buy it just because it was cheap paying little attention to other important health factors. But then, it had become like a habit being passed on from generations.

  • Premier Soap

    Premier Soap

    Premier is Nigeria’s No.1 family bar soap. The brand has a very strong heritage and is trusted by 

  • Princes


    The Princes brand is all about simple, good quality food and drink and our products are enjoyed by

  • Pringles


    Pringles is an American brand of stackable potato-based chips. Originally developed by Procter & Gamble in 1967 and marketed as "Pringle's Newfangled Potato Chips", the brand was sold in 2012 to the current owners, Kellogg's. As of 2011, Pringles were sold in more than 140 countries.

  • Purit


    Purit has remained a major player in the antiseptic liquid category for over 25 years. Prior to 2017, the brand was recognized as one of the

  • Quaker


    Quaker's family of brands includes household names you know and love.  Many of these well-

  • Radiant


    Radiant is Unilever’s mid-tier laundry platform with presence primarily in D&E markets across the world. Radiant consumers around the world have been 

  • Rambo Insecticides

    Rambo Insecticides

    Rambo Insecticides come in different varieties giving you more ways or options to eliminate crawling and flying insects. They are highly effective against all crawling and flying insects. have fast knockdown  and long lasting residual 

  • RC Cola

    RC Cola

    It’s been more than a hundred years, and consumer affection for RC Cola refuses to fizzle out. As one of the original American colas, RC

  • Rémy Martin

    Rémy Martin

    Rémy Martin Is Built On Family Relationships And A Blend Of Tradition And Innovation. The 

  • Ribena


    Ribena is a fruit juice beverage beloved by generations of consumers since it was first released in 

  • Riunite


    Millions and millions of wine bottles preserve the wine tradition of Emilia in over 70 

  • ROBB


    Robb is Nigeria’s number 1 medicament brand that provides millions of households ‘quick and 

  • Royal Challenge Whisky

    Royal Challenge Whisky

    In 1886, our master blender chose not to let convention stand in the way of his vision to create an 

  • Royal Circle Whisky

    Royal Circle Whisky

    Royal Circle Whisky is an internationally recognised premium Whisky manufactured in India by The 

  • Safeguard


    For more than 50 years, Safeguard has delivered on the commitment to provide the best

  • Sanex


    Here at Sanex, we pour all of our experience and expertise into developing the best products 

  • Sanitol


    Sanitol is a household brands with a strong franchise of loyal customers built on the foundations of reliable product quality, affordability, distribution strengths & continuous product innovation  across the socio-economic strata of Nigeria and West African markets.

  • Schweppes


    Schweppes is the world’s original soft drink that offers a range of delicately-balanced creations 

  • Sensodyne


    Sensodyne is the no 1 dentist recommended brand for sensitivity.  For nearly 60 years, Sensodyne has created unique formulations to help people 

  • Septol Antiseptic & Medicated Soap

    Septol Antiseptic & Medicated Soap

    Septol Antiseptic and Medicated Soap protects and beautifies your skin always. It contains an active germicide which is effective against skin germs. If used regularly, it will help combat perspiration, bad odor, and keep the skin clear and healthy.

  • Simas


    Simas is a popular brand in cooking margarine and shortening products for consumer and industrial needs by confectioners, bakeries and other food producers for day to day production and consumption

  • Siri Beauty Soap

    Siri Beauty Soap

    Siri perfumed bar is an exceptionally formulated beauty soap that contains an elegant fragrance 

  • SIVOP Gold Skin

    SIVOP Gold Skin

    Gold Skin is a brad of SIVOP cosmetics. Gold Skin Escargot And Gold Skin ArganN are varieties 

  • Skirt Drink

    Skirt Drink

    Skirt Your Master's Choice Drink. Skirt brand of drinks is a product of MP Master Piece Nig. Ltd.  

  • Smirnoff


    BE XPRESSIVE WITH SMIRNOFF. TURN GOOD TIMES INTO GREAT TIMES. Brewed with perfect blend of Smirnoff spirit and a range of exiciting flavours 

  • Smoov Chapman

    Smoov Chapman

    Smoov Chapman is a first-of-its-kind drink that delivers the crisp, fruity and unique taste of Chapman on-the-go!  

    It is a refreshing non–alcoholic carbonated soft drink with a consistent and authentic “Chapman” taste.

     It is available in 35cl and 50cl.



    SNIPER is a highly effective insecticide/miticide that controls over 30 foliar and soil borne pests. SNIPER gives growers the flexibility and residual activity needed to combat insects in conventional or biotech systems.

  • So Klin

    So Klin

    Top quality concentrated powder detergent to keep clothes looking bright as new. Its active formula helps remove tough stains while its Color Guard protects colours.

  • Sony


    Sony runs various activities and touch points for brand engagement. Digital content highlights how creators are pushing boundaries and shaping the future using Sony's technologies.

    Behind all Sony products, contents and services are stories of boundless limits using the power of creativity and technology.

    Experience the latest products, technology, entertainment also the new world by bringing them all together.

  • SOSA Fruit Drink

    SOSA Fruit Drink

    SOSA Fruit Drink is your smooth fruit drink with five flavours that keeps you refreshed. What can 

  • SQ Mobile

    SQ Mobile

    SQ mobile brand is a phone brand with classic and durable phones with good batteries. SQ mobile 

  • Squadron


    Squadron is a full-bodied, well rounded “rummy” spirit delivering satisfaction from its peculiar oak-matured taste. The brand is especially suited for young, trendy and adventurous people who embrace adventure and personal conquests.

    Squadron can be taken straight, on ice or in a variety of cocktail mixes.

  • St Lauren

    St Lauren

    St Lauren, is a non-alcoholic sparkling wine made from a rare grape variety. Smooth unique 

  • St-Rémy


    100% French from grapes to bottle

    Created in 1886, St-Rémy is the world’s number-one French brandy. St-Rémy is bottled in the Loire Valley and shipped around the world! 

  • Star Cold Filter Beer

    Star Cold Filter Beer

    STAR Lager is a Nigerian beer produced by Nigerian Breweries. Star is our nation’s #1 beer; Cold Filtered for that crisp, truly refreshing taste with millions of shining golden bubbles.

  • Status Vodka

    Status Vodka

    STATUS is the highest standards of quality, strong character and perfect taste of true vodka. It 

  • Stop


    Stop is trademarked brand of automotive products marketed by Pennsylvania Petroleum International (PPI) that offers one of the most comprehensive and expansive product lines in the industry today.

  • Sun Mark Royalty

    Sun Mark Royalty

    Sun Mark Royalty Foods And Beverages: Drinks,  Wine,  Alcoholic,  Water,  Food,  Fish,  Sunflower Oil,  



    Over the past 38 years, SUNCA has seen tremendous growth and expansion. We accomplished this 

  • Sunlight Unilever

    Sunlight Unilever

    Sunlight is Unilever’s oldest brand. It is the simple, dependable brand that delivers a bright, fresh clean. Sunlight household soap was

  • Supaoil Lubricant

    Supaoil Lubricant

    Supaoil Lubricant Multipurpose lubricating oil for use on sewing machines, bicycles, guns, 

  • Supreme Noodles

    Supreme Noodles

    To savour supreme moments and experiences, stay glued

  • Swan (Spring Water Nigeria)

    Swan (Spring Water Nigeria)

    Swan bottled water and Swan soft drinks are the refreshment drinks of choice for savvy Nigerians
    Swan Spring Water is premium bottled water with no chemical treatment. It comes in 55cl, 75cl and 150cl bottles with screw caps.
    Swan Soft Drinks are top quality convenient exciting and refreshing carbonated flavoured drinks available in Apple, Pineapple and Orange flavours.

  • Tanqueray


    Tanqueray is a brand of gin produced by Diageo plc. It originated in London.


    TECNO is the premium mobile phone brand that's owned by Hong Kong-based technology company, Transsion Holdings. TECNO has a comprehensive mobile device portfolio across feature phobes, smartohones and tablet

  • Teem


    Teem is our mixer brand. Making drinks is incomplete without a teem variant to use. Unleash your creativity with any of our teem products variants; Bitter Lemon, Tonic and 

  • Terra


    Terra Seasoning Cube is the fastest growing seasoning cubes in Nigeria. Within the first ten months of launch, the brand has made its way into more 

  • Tesco


    Tesco, is a British multinational groceries and general merchandise retailer and a very popular brand globally. It is the third-largest retailer in the world measured by gross revenues and the ninth-largest in the world measured by revenues.

    It has shops in seven countries across Asia and Europe, and is the market leader of groceries in the UK (where it has a market share of around 28.4%), Ireland, Hungary and Thailand.



    TETMOSOL, your number 1 personal care, home care and skin care brand. TETMOSOL specializes in the reduction or elimination of bacteria that can lead to skin infections, to help reduce the spread of diseases and sickness.  .

    TETMOSOL is a leading brand in Nigeria.

    It made its way into the market with its leading product Tetmosol Citronella. This found its way into the heart of many with its unique medicated & antibacterial germ fighting properties thereby becoming a trusted and dependable household name.

  • The Grand Cafe Rhum

    The Grand Cafe Rhum

    The Grand Cafe Rhum is an alcoholic beverages and product of Sun Moon Inc an indian 

  • Tiger Beer

    Tiger Beer

    Tiger is an award winning, World acclaimed lager beer, born on the streets of Singapore in 1932 

  • Tiger Head

    Tiger Head

    "Tiger Head Brand Battery, the Giant in the international battery market"

    The international battery market is like rising wind and scudding clouds, lots of brands emerge in endlessly. Usually one brand disappeared then another appears. Each brand just remains excellently for 3 or 5 years. only the Tiger Head Brand Battery has been competing with the other international famous battery brands for several decades, and has become a giant in the international battery market. The Tiger Head Spirit "strive while facing the strong competitor, never give up" leads Tiger Head Group to a top level.

    The first Chinese well-known trademark in Guangzhou

    The emphatically supported exporting brand by Chinese Ministry of Commerce

  • Tito


    Tito is a brand of Tito Yoghurt Company Limited. Tito brand is well established in the milk-food industry in Nigeria. The brand products have attained 

  • Toma


    Toma delicious, sparkling, 100% natural grape drinks and non-alcoholic, refreshing, enjoyable 

  • Toshiba


    Toshiba Brand envision a future where the people of the world lead better lives, and provide 

  • Trophy


    Trophy Lager, also known as ‘Honourable’ has consistently delivered on its promise to give consumer a crisp and refreshing beer experience with very high quality credentials.

  • Tura Supreme

    Tura Supreme

    Tura has re-launched its non-medicated bath soap brand known as Tura Supreme. The range was first introduced in 2007. Start off your day fresh with 

  • Two Tigers Soap

    Two Tigers Soap

    Two Tigers Soap is produced by Primrose Cosmetics Ltd. Two Tigers Soap comes in different many variants including HERBAL SOAP,

  • Uncle Palm Salt

    Uncle Palm Salt

    Uncle Palm salt is the refined salt offering of Royal Salt to the essential Eastern markets of Nigeria, specially formulated to be iodized, and

  • Vaseline


    SKIN HEALTH FOR ALL We believe skin health is essential for wellbeing. And we’re on a mission 

  • Veleta Fruit Drink

    Veleta Fruit Drink

    VELETA Sparkling Fruit Drink is a luxurious blend of handpicked grapes, with hints of Citric Acid, 

  • Vicks


    Vicks VapoRub was inspired and created by our founder’s love and concern for his sick son. Over 

  • Viju


    Viju is committed to enhancing people’s lives by offering tastier and healthier milk drink/fruits and natural clean water for your choice in all stages of life and all times of the day. 

    Viju has two major products, “Viju Milk Drink” in 500ml and “Viju BB Star” in 210ml and 150ml.



    Our original brand of “VIRONY” has been the symbol of “high quality products”.We will continue to carry forward our own brand advantage and core competitiveness of “VIRONY” to further win the best recognition from customers all over the world, with more high 

  • Visa Petroleum Products

    Visa Petroleum Products

    Visa Aerosol a brand of Visa Petroleum Resources Limited with a wide range of products and 

  • Visco by Forte Oil

    Visco by Forte Oil

    Visco Engine Oil by Forte Oil for better lasting engine, original quality and are formulated using high quality oils of high viscosity- Inde

  • Vista Chemical Products

    Vista Chemical Products

    Vista have evolved into one of the largest brands in paper, stationery, printing equipment and 

  • Vista Dollar

    Vista Dollar

    Nigeria now has a Dollar, 0.7mm needle point size, Wear-resistant NSTC tip, Eco-friendly ink. 

  • Viva Plus

    Viva Plus

    Viva Plus is one of the leading brands in detergent & multipurpose soap, manufactured & marketed by Aspira Nigeria Ltd. Viva Plus to keep you clean 

  • vivo


    About vivo

    Daring to pursue true perfection, while continuously creating the surprising. Product Evolution; Over the past 9 years we have dared to pursue true perfection, increasingly leading

  • Vollereaux Champagne

    Vollereaux Champagne

    Vollereaux Champagne, with its classic relaxed style, aims to create occasions. Located in Pierry f. 

  • Weetabix


    At Weetabix we’ve been proudly fuelling the nation with tasty high-quality cereals since 1932. 

  • Whippy


    Whippy Real Mayonnaise provides all that's needed for real quality ingredients, great taste, and convenient options for every meal. Whippy

  • White Secret

    White Secret

    White Secret is a RODIS brand

  • Wilson's Lemonade

    Wilson's Lemonade

    Wilson's Lemonade Relish the goodness of hand-picked lemons from our farms. 100% lemon with no added additives or sweetners for a healthy you.

  • Yugo Drink

    Yugo Drink

    YUGO milk drink is a yoghurt based milk drink that stands to fill the gap in the adult category, it’s refreshing, nutritious, fun companion and indulging.

  • Zip


    Zip has grown to become a popular and well known detergent brand, especially in the northern regions of Nigeria.

    The new improved formula “OUR BEST WHITES EVER ZIP” comes with improved enzymes and an advanced optic bright system that has the ability to permeate dirt and deliver a brilliant wash. Zip laundry soap offers excellent cleaning for clothes that need extra care or those that require some extra scrubbing to remove tougher stains. Zip knows that the whitest whites make you proud and feel your best!

  • Ziptol


    Ziptol is a brand of Extreme Manufacturing Nigeria Limited, and have many product types and sizes. Some of which are;

  • ZTE


     ZTE is a brand that breaks conventions and integrates different industries and cultures in its blood. It opens up endless possibilities for this era and enables its customers and consumers to touch real freedom.