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Amstel Malta

Amstel Malta is the premium, low sugar formulated malt drink with international heritage. Amstel Malta is for the youthful person who lives an active lifestyle and needs to replenish lost energy so that he can look and feel his best.

The Amstel Malta special brewing process uses only natural ingredients to produce this fine malt drink. Ingredients include water, malted barley, sucrose, hops and carmel to ensure a fuller, richer taste.

Amstel Malta is of international heritage from the Amstel brouwerij which dates back to 1870. Amstel Malta carries the same round logo (gold ring and blue crest) as all Amstel products worldwide so that wherever you go in the world, you are a part of a big brand world. The unique logo consists of the golden round logo, royal blue crest which features the two horses, and an 'A' to confirm Amstel international quality.

Amstel Malta has a special low sugar formulation while maintaining its quality. It contains fewer carbohydrates than other malt brands. It is carefully brewed over three days to be gently sparkling, less sweet, and to deliver full-flavoured refreshment. When you're on the move and need to replenish lost energy, Amstel Malta will revitalize ... without the high sugar buzz.

Amstel Malta has a classy look and with a handy 33cl can, it can be enjoyed on the go. Amstel Malta is the premium malt drink with high energy and is cool to be seen with. It is a premium malt drink with a rich international heritage. At Amstel, the world is seen as a vibrant place full of endless possibilities and opportunities, but you've got to make choices to squeeze the very best out of life; to be the best you can be. Go for the things that energize, excite and inspire you ... Amstel Malta.


. Launched in 1994 to pioneer a new premium low sugar segment

. 1998 re-launched with a new label on 'Pure Nourishment' platform

. Launched communication campaign based on Renewal through 3 A's.

- Active

- Admirable

- Attractive

. Nollywood films adopted as sponsorship platform (2005) to get closer to the consumer and make dreams come throug with the art of acting and to contribute its quota to the thriving Nollywood industry.

. Re-launched in 2007 with new 33cl can

. Amstel Malta is the fastest growing malt drink in Nigeria


Since inception in 1994, the brand has changed packaging twice and introduced a new sku in 2007. The 33cl can was launched to fill the need of newly emerging convenience pack types.

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