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Avanti Pens

Avanti ®  Pens are the No. 1 choice of the consumers

in Nigeria and West Africa as well, selling over 1 million pens every day! AVANTI became Nigeria’s most loved writing instruments and became the market leader from Yr-17.

Avanti Pens distribution spread wings towards neighboring countries through official export. Currently, we are officially exporting to almost all big ECOWAS, like GHANA, TOGO, BENIN REPUBLIC, SENEGAL, and Cote d’Ivoire. Which made Avanti PENS the only LEADING West Africa’s BEST Ball Point PEN Brand. 

Avanti ®  Pens penetrated with only 1 brand called STYLO, which was well accepted by Nigeria market and enlightened to new opportunity without much delay we have increased our PENS range to more than 10 different models of pens with many different varieties of tips and inks.

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