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Omega Aromatic Schnapps

Omega Aromatic Schnapps is a conclusion of the concerted efforts of the Research and Development department of Eastern Distilleries

& Food Industries Limited into ancient Dutch Tradition of spirit flavour popularly known and called Schnapps.
From times past, aromatic schnapps has been the authentic spirit drink of prayers and supplications for divine guidance and protection. But over time, the quality and originality of several schnapps brands in the market have become questionable and unreliable.
Today, we are happy to announce that our Research and Development department has come to restore the confidence of all lovers of genuine Aromatic Schnapps with a carefully crafted Brand in every sense, OMEGA Aromatic Schnapps – a unique combination of excellent blending and state-of-the-art packaging that remains unbeatable when compared with other brands of Aromatic Schnapps in West African Market.
Omega Aromatic Schnapps is slow-filtered under pressure of up to 10meter columns through over 2000kg of NORIT DX 10 activated carbon and through the purest quartz to remove any form of carbon. This leaves us with exceptionally smooth and tasty aromatic schnapps with no hangovers whatsoever.
The OMEGA Aromatics Schnapps comes with unique and distinguishing features:
Customized “Omega Schnapps” bottle (and measuring glass), designed by Omco Plc, and produced by Beta Glass Plc.
Non-return valve closure by Gualla Closures.
12-micron metallic laminate on CFBB Board by a world class Packaging Company.
This truly premium brand has indeed come to raise the bar in the segment of Schnapps products in West Africa. Particularly, the non-return valve closure absolutely protects it from any form of piracy or adulteration; making it the safest and the most original of all schnapps in the whole of West Africa today.
Please join us as we explore the colourful and fantastic world of the OMEGA Aromatic Schnapps. Join us as we promote and sustain our people’s culture of hospitality and distinction in grand style!

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