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Hypo Bleach

Hypo Bleach aims to significantly impact the availability of hygiene and sanitation solutions for Nigeria. The company manufactures its main product – Sodium Hypochlorite bleach for consumers under the brand name of HYPO at a highly affordable price.

Hypo Bleach has been a market changer in Nigeria, since it was the first brand to launch bleach in a sachet. The quality, affordability and accessibility of Hypo Bleach has resulted in the growth of the number of bleach users in the country. Within seven years of Hypo Bleach’s introduction to the market, the proportion of Nigerian households using bleach increased from 3% to 29%. Hypo Bleach now commands 90% of the bleach market share in Nigeria.

Tolaram Africa Enterprise Limited (Hypo Division), the Company behind Hypo Bleach, boasts world-class, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology with the best manufacturing and packaging machines. A pioneer in Nigeria, Hypo Division has also teamed up with local talents to produce award-winning marketing campaigns that further strengthened their hold of the market.

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