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Terra Seasoning Cube is the fastest growing seasoning cubes in Nigeria. Within the first ten months of launch, the brand has made its way into more 

than 43 million households and made over 170 million meals. Consumers around the country attest to the supreme ability of Terra seasoning cubes to make dishes flavourful and bring out great aroma in dishes. Terra seasoning cubes come in multiple variants of Beef, Chicken, Umami (Terra Gold) and Shrimps and come in various packages like 10-cube, 25-cube, 50-cube, 100-cube and 125-cube pack sizes.

The Terra brand has also extended its strong into spices and seasoning powder with such products like Terra Beef Powder, Terra Chicken Powder, Terra Ginger & Garlic, Terra Ginger, Onion & Garlic, Terra Stew, Terra Dried Thyme and Terra Curry.

The Terra seasoning and spice brands come from a respected provenance. It is from the renowned House of Chi. The brands are manufactured in a state-of-the-art plant by West African Cubes (WACUB) Limited and marketed and by TGI Distri. Both companies are a member of the TGI Group conglomerate.

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