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Power Oil

Power Oil- the quest to keep you healthy

Before Power Oil entered the Nigerian market, the level of consciousness on the unhygienic nature of unbranded vegetable cooking oil was significantly low, less focus was placed on the ill health effect of its consumption. People would buy it just because it was cheap paying little attention to other important health factors. But then, it had become like a habit being passed on from generations.

The general perception was that packaged oil which was considered to be healthier, was unaffordable and only meant for the rich within the society. This saw the introduction of Power Oil in a sachet which was sold for N50 amongst other variant sizes. The proposition was not only affordability but also the healthy choice with “Zero Cholesterol”, “Zero Trans-fat” which was first of its kind to be introduced into the Nigerian Market. Nigerians saw the value in this and gradually began to make a gradual switch to the affordable healthy choice.

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