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CWAY Water

CWAY Water is the flagship of the CWAY group operations in Nigeria and leads the industry since inception in year 2000. Our core interest is in providing 

clean hygienic water and innovative water dispensers with accessories and technology that supports healthy water drinking habit for all.

Indeed, our impact is felt in every home and corporate offices as we developed products for all target market segments.

Our factories are installed with the best of Hi-Tech equipment in the industry and mostly situated within well organized and serene environments that meet international standards.

Our production processes and products are  packaged in line with international best practices .These practices  as stipulated , also go through  periodic reviews, updates, and certifications by all relevant statutory regulatory authorities.

CWAY ‘s  18.9 litre dispenser refilling water brand in decades set the pace as a premium top brand with strong market dominance for consistency in quality and accessibility.

Our Range of products include:

18.9Ltrs refillable dispenser water brands (Regular Brand and Prime)

75 Cl Table water brand

Bespoke water dispenser machines – Rugged, durable and aesthetic

Our consistency in quality and delivery over the years has indeed endeared us to the hearts of our numerous consumers through our focus on quality  and campaign  acts of  re-enforcing our brands   now widely known for this  pay off… ‘Water you can trust!’

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