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The name Huggies® is synonymous with comfy diapers. But there’s more to us than diapers 

and wipes. We want you to see what Huggies® is really all about — a legacy of innovation, healthcare, and science.

For more than five decades, Huggies® has been part of the parenting journey. A lot has changed since the first Kimbies diapers in 1968, including innovations that have helped generations of babies to stay clean and healthy.

Huggies® Healthcare

For many years, Huggies® has fostered a special relationship with healthcare professionals. Not only do our skin scientists continuously improve and innovate our products, we also go a step further to build partnerships with people and organizations that share our commitment to parents, babies, and the communities they serve.

The Science behind Huggies® Products

The ingredients and production of every diaper and wipe are intentional. They’ve been put to the test so we can deliver families like yours products designed to help keep your babies skin healthy.

Huggies® diapers are made without harsh ingredients and provide up to 12 hours of leakage protection. Explore our uniquely perfect line of diapers for your bundle of joy below.

Huggies® baby wipes are made without harsh ingredients & dermatologist-tested to be gentle on skin. Explore our product line below.

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