High quality is our philosophy - One that’s been years in the making. When it comes to food, high quality is our philosophy, and it's One

that’s been years in the making. Our story starts back in 1838, when Carl Heinrich Knorr opened a factory in Heilbronn, Germany, supplying chicory to the coffee industry.
This breakthrough ushered in a string of advancements. From the launch of the nutritious ‘erbswurst’, or pea soup, in 1889, to the pioneering knorr european sauce mix in 1908, creativity and innovation have been at the heart of everything our chefs do.
Only 12 plants and five animals make up 75% of what the whole world eats.
But eating so few foods is bad for us and bad for the planet.
Knorr wants to change that. We’re already growing our ingredients sustainably.
And now, through our products, recipes and tips and tricks we want to inspire you with the everyday little changes that will make a big difference.
Let’s build a greener food future together.
Ready to put new foods on your plate?

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