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The beginning of the 90s is an era of global changes all over the world. It was then, inspired by the 

spirit of the times, that Food Empire Holdings launched the MacCoffee 3-in-1 coffee drink, an innovative product that would radically change the concept of coffee as such. By the end of the 90s, MacCoffee was sold in many Russian kiosks and markets. For many years, consumers from various countries have preferred MacCoffee’s rich aroma, excellent taste and superior quality. It is thanks to this that the brand becomes the leader in its segment. MacCoffee’s success has been underpinned by constant research and attention to market needs. In addition to showing positive and strong value, the brand has always had a presence in local markets. As a true innovator, MacCoffee continues to offer new and unique products in various categories, as well as to maintain its leading position due to the reference quality, rich taste and convenience of consumption. Today MacCoffee is a favorite product in many countries, especially in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and some CIS territories.

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