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The world’s first cream liqueur created in 1974, now the world’s most-loved spirit. Delicious is 

our point of difference– creamy, silky, sweet and rich. It’ is the most loved liquid in the world.

Our indulgent blend of aged Irish whiskey and luscious Irish dairy cream, with hints of cocoa and vanilla, is loved the world over and sold in over 160 countries. Produced and bottled exclusively in Ireland, Baileys is enjoyed drizzled over ice cream, swirled into coffee or simply poured over ice.

Lasting value

Farming partners are some of the most important members of the Baileys family. Every year, 200 million litres of fresh Irish milk are required to produce the cream used in the production of Baileys. This milk is mostly supplied from small, family-owned farms.

In April 2022, Baileys partnered with Glanbia Ireland, who farm our cream, to pioneer the first-ever Sustainable Farming Academy in Ireland. The Academy will teach farmers how to farm more sustainably so they can continue to produce the dairy for our much-loved Irish cream liqueur for many more years to come.

Baileys is an example of how the right approach to quality, brand building, innovation and investing for the long term can build lasting value.

Product Heritage 

Baileys is the number 1 cream liqueur brand in the world, part cake, part booze. It is pure pleasure born in 1974. Baileys is crafted using an unashamedly delicious blend of two of Ireland’s most unapologetically delicious ingredients that speak to it’s Irish heritage– rich dairy cream and finest whisky. Every bottle of this iconic brand. Baileys is made exclusively on the Island of Ireland.

Product attributes

Delicious is our point of difference– creamy, silky, sweet and rich. It’ is the most loved liquid in the world, with over 156million people acknowledging their love Baileys. This sensuous and velvety liquid is a treat by itself and can transform into an even bigger treat.

Baileys is produced using only the finest quality ingredients which can be traced to source- Fresh Irish dairy cream, vanilla from Madagascar and Cocoa from West Africa- ensuring that we can guarantee and sustain our reputation for quality with both customers and consumers. Baileys is the number one cream liqueur. It started the category and still leads the category till date.

Baileys has a shelf life of 24 months – Baileys does not use preservatives to achieve a long shelf life.

ABV 17% per serving

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