Eva Wine

Laugh often. Love much. Live well. Your favourite for non-alchoholic toasting. A FLAVOUR for every 


Eva is more than a product; it’s an experience that we want to share with the world. The process and art of creating this masterpiece have a long and rich history. Eva wine is ageless, timeless and has maintained its quality since 1918.

Eva wine derives its high quality and wild effervescence from the rich crystalline water of the Aitzarrateta natural spring. This is why you can’t miss Eva wine when it comes to enjoyment. Remember, every sip can send you into a frenzy of bubbly bliss.

The pleasant memory of the sparkling, fruity non-alcholic taste of Eva wine is imprinted on our taste buds. And since its entrance into our homes and hearts in the early 90s, Eva has continued to remain relevant in the lives of Nigerians by offering quality moments for celebrating our joys, occasions, promotions, parties, graduations and more. Today Eva Wine has increased its variants of fruity sparkling pleasures to 5, offering everyone more reasons and options for celebration



Blue Cocktail


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