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Devon King’s

Devon King’s cooking oil is a quality cooking oil that has been imported into Nigeria for over half a century and has over the years been a

trusted brand for consumers. While staying true to its heritage, PZ Wilmar has added more value to Devon King’s oil as it is now locally produced in Nigeria.

Devon King’s cooking oil is fresher than ever before, more affordable and comes in a wide range of pack sizes so that no matter what your need is, you have options to choose from. Devon King’s cooking oil is the quality alternative to adulterated (loose) & imported oil and it offers the best value for money.

Fresher than ever before
Devon King’s, unlike imported cooking oils, doesn’t stay on high seas for 6 months or more but is locally produced in a world class refinery in Nigeria. Our NAFDAC approved, CODEX standard manufacturing environment guarantees you fresh cooking oils for your frying or cooking pleasure.

Tamper proof packaging
Devon King’s cooking oil is produced and hygienically packaged in a world-class, clean manufacturing environment to ensure your cooking oil isn’t adulterated. As long as the packaging seal is unbroken, you are completely assured of the purity and the tamper-evident seal on the Devon King’s 5L Jerry Can testifies to this commitment to quality.

Affordable for your needs
Whether you are a student with a modest budget or a mother with a large family, Devon King’s cooking oil takes care of your everyday needs. From Pillow Pack to Jerry Can, Devon King’s cooking oil comes in various pack formats and in various sizes. The 100ml pillow pack, for just 50 Naira ($0.3), is enough to cook for 6 people. With this, you would no longer need to buy loose cooking oil from the market that you cannot guarantee its quality and proper handling by the sellers. You will also not need to use old unclean bottles to buy cooking oil in the market or spend your hard earned money on buying the old bottles in the market.

Whatever your needs are King of Value, truly delivers on freshness, world class quality, tamper evident and range of pack sizes, now that’s value delivery.

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