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Jack Daniel’s

Born to make whiskey, The story of Jack Daniel’s.  Crafting something that endures for over 150 

years takes time and character. You’ll find plenty of both in the people and history that make Jack Daniel’s.

Jasper Newton Daniel, more commonly known as Jack, introduces the world to Old No. 7, his signature charcoal-mellowed Tennessee Whiskey. Jack leaves home and is taken in by Reverend Dan Call. At the Call family farm, he learns the art of whiskey making from the preacher and an enslaved man named Nathan “Nearest” Green. Jack would later hire Nearest as the Jack Daniel Distillery’s head distiller, what we call the Master Distiller today.

Distilled And Bottled By Jack Daniel Distillery Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA. The Jack Daniel Distillery is officially established, making it the very first registered distillery within the US, with Jack as the Master Distiller. The opening of his now-famous distillery would follow shortly thereafter, right next to Jack Daniel’s prime resource: the mineral-rich Cave Spring Hollow.

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