E195-E2 Embraer Commercial Jet
  • E195-E2 Embraer Commercial Jet
  • E195-E2 Embraer Commercial Jet
  • E195-E2 Embraer Commercial Jet
  • E195-E2 Embraer Commercial Jet

E195-E2 Embraer Commercial Jet

A comfortable dual class arrangement, 124 seats capacity jet which offers superior travel experience.

Better economics in operation

The largest aircraft in the E-Jet E2 family, the E195-E2 has been designed to maximize returns and efficiency on high-density routes. With its high-aspect ratio wings and swept tips, combined with other aerodynamic improvements,


Outperform your rivals and sustain profitability

The E2 is the worlds best performing FleetSmart solution.

Built on E-Jet heritage and designed by people with passion for innovation and attention to detail, every opportunity has been considered for efficiencies and performance that contribute to a superior level of comfort and space for passengers and for operators, the ability to exploit new opportunities and sustain profitability/


Reducing operating cost, increase efficiency.

Compared to its predecessor E195, the E195-E2 successfully delivers double-digit percentage reductions in fuel burn and maintenance cost

On the flightdeck, electronic flightbags allow pilots to access realtime data which is continually analyzed so that the aircraft flies in the most economical way.


Maximizing fleet performance

The E2 pushes the technical envelop with its optimized design.

The use of smart materials amd the high aspect wings contribute to double digit lower fuel consumption compared to current-generation E-Jets. Pratt & Whitney PurePower* Geared Turbofan engines improve efficiency. Other advance controls including 4th generation fly-by-wire, have led to significant improvements, not only in fuel burn, but by maintenance costs, emissions and external noise.


Award winning design for passengers and crew


Sustainable and environmental friendly

The use of advanced technology in the E2 reduced fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, noise and maintenance cost, at the same time as  maximizing operational efficiency of airlines.


The aircraft that goes further 

The combination of capacity and range in one high-performance, the E195-E2 is the idea tool of operators wanting to enter new markets and take advantage of new opportunities. Carrying a full load of passengers, the E195-E2 range extends to 2,600nm (4,815km).

Data sheet

Maximum Takeoff Weight
61,500 kg / 135,585 lb
Maximum Landing Weight
54,000 kg / 119,049 lb
Maximum Payload
16,150 kg / 35,604 lb
Maximum Usable Fuel^
13,690 kg / 30,181 lb
Max Cruise Speed
Mach 0.82
Takeoff Field Length*
1,805 m / 5,922 ft
Takeoff Field Length**
1,305 m / 4,281 ft
Landing Field Length***
1,290 m / 4,232 ft
Service Ceiling
41,000 ft
2,600 nm / 4,815 km
Three classes
120 seats | 12 @ 36" | 24 @ 34" | 84 @ 31" pitch
Single class
132 seats | 132 @ 31" pitch
Single class*
146 seats | 146 @ 28" pitch
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