STOP Oil Treatment 15 FL.OZ. / 444ml
  • STOP Oil Treatment 15 FL.OZ. / 444ml

STOP Oil Treatment 15 FL.OZ. / 444ml

Insist on the original!

Premium Concentrated Stop Oil Treatment

Stop Burning Oil

Stop Smoking Engines

Stop Expensive repairs

Stop waste of fuel

Stop Unnecessary wear

Stop loss of compression

Quality Product Since 1919

New Improved Stop Premium Concentrate Oil.

TREATMENT is a scientifically blended motor oil supplement, designed to give the highest level of performance and engine  protection. Special chemical additive are used to give TRIPLE WEAR PROTECTION and COMPLETELY ELIMINATE OIL FOAM, factors not usually found in in products of this type

  • Extends spark plug life
  • Increases film strength
  • Makes oil "oilier"
  • Frees hydraulic lifters
  • Gets rid of engine "clacking"
  • Protects in cold weather for easy starting

For use in automobiles, trucks, tractors, diesels and marine engines, regardless of mileage or age.

Stop Premium Concentrate Oil Treatment is a quality and performance designed and controlled to blend with all petroleum oils and greases.

Stop Premium Concentrate Oil Treatment is sold with an absolute guarantee of satisfaction or purchase price will be refunded.

Stop Premium Concentrate Oil Treatment  

  • Stops Oil Burning
  • Stops exhaust smoking
  • Seals rings to improve compression
  • Boost power
  • Saves fuel by reducing blow "Blowby"
  • Reduces friction


  • Triple anti-wear protection 
  • Increases engine life
  • Cuts costly engine repairs


  • Prevents oil foaming
  • Stops valve and lifter noise
  • Improves engine efficiency

Directions: Pour content into a warm idling motor oil at each oil change or when oil level is low. If your motor has extreme wear or high mileage and uses excessive quantities of oil, add two cans.

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. May cause eye irritation. In case of contact with the eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

For Smooth Shifting Action in differentials add contents to your regular lubricant. Do not fill above "fill" mark.


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