Chi Happy Hour Tropical juice 150ml
  • Chi Happy Hour Tropical juice 150ml
  • Chi Happy Hour Tropical juice 150ml

Chi Happy Hour Tropical juice 150ml

Happy Hour by Chivita

Totally Tropical

Fruit Drink

Protect what is good

Burst of Refreshment

Hop on the joyful ride to discover a refreshing tropical paradise. Each sip bursts into flavours that guarantee to keep you smiling. Get your friends together and pour out the Happy Hour!

No added preservatives.

Chilling on this colourful weekend gateway with my bud! Bring on the Happy Hours!


Ready to rock the world on the hot air balloon! This is my kind of refreshment!


Waking up to a lion's roar!



Mixed fruits concentrates and compounds of orange, mango, pineapple and passionfruit (min. 5% fruit juice content), Water, Sugar, Citric  Acid (E 330), Ascorbic Acid (E 300), Stabilizers (E 466 and E412), Colour (E 160a)

Shake well before use

Best served chilled.

If opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 3 days. Do not buy puffed, leaky pack or packed with broken seal.

Store in a cool ad dry place.

Product Information And Specifications/Ingredients

Per 100ml
229 KJ/54 Kcal
13 g
0.03 g
NAFDAC Registration Number
FT- 5096