Calypso Coconut Liquor 200ml
  • Calypso Coconut Liquor 200ml

Calypso Coconut Liquor 200ml

Alc. 28% Vol.

Calypso Coconut Liquor is a special tropical coconut carefully blended with Jamaican rum. It is an age old secret shared by generations of people of taste and class and can be enjoyed in many different ways - straight on the rocks or long with cola, tonic or even milk.

And to get that sensational feeling that's only Calypso, try the following exotic mixtures.

Calypso Chi- Chi

1 tot Calypso Coconut Liquor

1 tot Calypso Cream

2 tots Pineapple juice or

3 tots Chevalier Brandy

Blend with ice and garnish with pineapple stalk or cherries

Calypso Tango Rhythm

1.5 tots Calypso Coconut Liquor

2 Slices of orange

3 Slices of lemon

Mix in a long glass  and garnish with 1/2 slice of lemon and orange


3 tots of Calypso 

Lare cube of ice

1 tot of bitters

Top with soda

Calypso and Orange

1/2 tot of Calypso Coconut Liquor

Orange juice for toppings

Garnish  with 1/2 slice of orange


Coconut flavour, Ethanol, Sugar and Treated Water.