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Lambrusco: varieties and organoleptic differences Each wine reflects the territory in which it is 

born. And Lambrusco is sparkling , lively and convivial like Emilia.

What every Lambrusco Riunite has in common is the lively foam, the aromatic and fruity aroma, the pleasant taste and the low alcohol content.


Lambrusco Reggiano

Lambrusco Emilia

Perfect portrait of an ancient wine, which pairs beautifully with contemporary consumption habits and lifestyles. Lambrusco Riunite is "modelled" on the Reggio Emilia area: its blend is made up of several Lambruscos and in it the environment and the choice of varietal become an expression of the territory.

The content of residual grape sugar in the wine after processing, expressed in grams per liter (g/l), particularly characterizes Lambruscos.

With an acidity that is on average higher than other wines and a high residual sugar, Lambruscos offer a peculiar taste in which the acid sensation has been attenuated and the aromatic component enhanced.

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